The science behind VigRX Plus

Before you begin a penis enhancement program of your own, it might be helpful to understand your own basic penis anatomy and how it works. The penis is made up of two main parts, the corpus cavernosa which consists of two portions that expand with blood during sexual excitement, and the corpus spongiosum which lies between them along the bottom of the penis. The urethra goes through the corpus spongiosum and opens out in the form of the meatus, which lies on the glans. Meanwhile, the entire penis is protected by a hood of skin called the foreskin.

Penis size during erection is totally determined by the extent to which the corpus cavernosa can fill up with blood. This is because the human penis has no erectile bone at all. Therefore, the erection is caused entirely by blood filling up the corpus cavernosa. This expanding capability in itself is influenced by several other factors, such as degree of excitement, health level, and to a certain extent, age. The good news is that the ability of the corpus cavernosa to expand can be modified with the use of certain natural ingredients as can be found in VigRX Plus. It is NOT limited and can certainly improve!

Penis anatomyVigRX Plus contains a host of natural herbal ingredients that are specially designed and blended to enable maximum dilation of the blood vessels that make up the corpus cavernosa so that the penis can attain a larger erection size. It is well documented that regular stimulation of these blood vessels will enable permanent changes in the erection size so that over time, the erection can actually become larger.

Taking VigRX Plus daily in conjunction with regular sex will gradually increase the size of the erection due to the regular stimulation of the penile tissues that make up the corpus cavernosa. And when you add an ingredient like Bioperine into the formula, this enables improved absorption of the herbal nutrients that make up the ingredients, leading to better results. This is the basic science behind the VigRX Plus formula.

VigRX Plus also contains ingredients that will assist in increasing libido. Libido is a very important aspect of healthy sex that is not included with conventional erectile dysfunction drugs that merely help a man get an erection but does nothing else. Libido is probably the most important thing in sex for both man and woman, and VigRX Plus is certainly designed for the purpose of boosting libido.

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