What is your Erection Hardness Score?

Have you heard of the Erection Hardness Score (EHS) which is used to grade the quality of an erection? The Erection Hardness Score was developed by the European Association of Urology, and how it works is it grades erection quality based on a scale of one to four.

The levels/grades are:

  • Level one – The erection feels like tofu, and the penis is large, but not hard.
  • Level two – The erection is like peeled banana, but still not hard enough for penetration.
  • Level three – The erection is like an unpeeled banana, which is hard enough for penetration, but not completely, and it is not sustainable.
  • Level four – The erection is completely hard, rigid, and able to penetrate easily and sustained for a relatively long time.

According to a recent regional survey done by Pfizer (yes, they make Viagra) in Asia Pacific, many men that experience dissatisfaction in their sexual lives or are suffering from erectile dysfunction usually only achieve a level three erection. The percentage varies from region to region, but the number is a lot higher than you think.

If you’re one of those men that rarely achieve a level/grade four erection, you’re likely to have sex less often, will be less sexually satisfied, and you may suffer from lack of self confidence, perhaps even depression. This erection grading system is a good way to evaluate your own erections and determine if you actually have any problems.

Erection hardness has a lot to do with sexual desire. Boosting your sexual desire will also boost your erection, unless you have a genuine physical problem related to the flow of blood into and out of, your penis.

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