How do penis pills work: Part one

Penis pills are pills designed to work on five main fronts: 1) Increase the size of your penis. 2) Help you to maintain a firm erection longer. 3) Help you control premature ejaculation more effectively. 4) Strengthen your sexual stamina. 5) Help you attain a more intense orgasm.

They have been around since some years now, yet, many men are still confused or ignorant as to what they are exactly, and how they work. Of course, it is understandable, since there are many penis pills on the market with little to no efficacy. There are even dud pills that may pose hazardous to your sexual organs if taken. In order to weed out the numerous fakes from the real, we prepared this penis pill faq to help you understand penis pills better, and be better able to make an informed decision.

The significance of only using natural herbs

Natural herbs are a whole lot better than artificially formulated substances. Not only is it safer, but these herbs are usually those that have been in use as sexual enhancers for centuries. So, their efficacy is already proven. But, what if you combine a series of herbs together for better effect? The result is a penis pill that really works – VigRX Plus.

We tend to put a lot of stock into “FDA approved” pharmaceutical substances. But, did you know that many of these pills are actually hazardous to your health, and that seal doesn’t really mean much? With herbal based formulations, the risk of you overdosing or wrongly combining ingredients and doing damage to your health is vastly reduced.

Some side effects of non-herbal pharmaceutical penis pills include headaches, blurred vision, indigestion and vague dizziness. However, herbal penis pills not only are much safer, but they have an added benefit of treating other body problems. A well known herb like ginseng for example (also part of VigRX Plus’ ingredients), is known for a many health benefits like improving skin tone, and replenishing body energy. Another ingredient like Hawthorn Berry, is known for strengthening the heart and blood vessels, and decreasing blood pressure.

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