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Clinical study of VigRX Plus

We all want facts and proof. It’s totally natural, and that’s the way it should be. The latest news on VigRX Plus that is worth mentioning is the results of a 2 year study which corroborates all the positive testimonials received so far from VigRX Plus users.

According to the results from the human clinical trial, the results are on par or even better than the test results from Sildenafil, which is the main ingredient used in most anti erectile prescription drugs. VigRX Plus also increased sex drive by 47% as well; something that Sildenafil could not do.

What is your Erection Hardness Score?

Have you heard of the Erection Hardness Score (EHS) which is used to grade the quality of an erection? The Erection Hardness Score was developed by the European Association of Urology, and how it works is it grades erection quality based on a scale of one to four.

The levels/grades are:

  • Level one – The erection feels like tofu, and the penis is large, but not hard.
  • Level two – The erection is like peeled banana, but still not hard enough for penetration.
  • Level three – The erection is like an unpeeled banana, which is hard enough for penetration, but not completely, and it is not sustainable.
  • Level four – The erection is completely hard, rigid, and able to penetrate easily and sustained for a relatively long time.

According to a recent regional survey done by Pfizer (yes, they make Viagra) in Asia Pacific, many men that experience dissatisfaction in their sexual lives or are suffering from erectile dysfunction usually only achieve a level three erection. The percentage varies from region to region, but the number is a lot higher than you think.

If you’re one of those men that rarely achieve a level/grade four erection, you’re likely to have sex less often, will be less sexually satisfied, and you may suffer from lack of self confidence, perhaps even depression. This erection grading system is a good way to evaluate your own erections and determine if you actually have any problems.

Erection hardness has a lot to do with sexual desire. Boosting your sexual desire will also boost your erection, unless you have a genuine physical problem related to the flow of blood into and out of, your penis.

VigRX Plus is designed to work on many fronts to improve your sex life, including boosting your libido (sexual desire), and improving the flow of blood throughout the penile tissues. This helps a lot if your erection problem has to do more with physical aspects rather than psychological causes. Also, VigRX Plus does not have side effects, because it is composed only of the highest grade male aphrodisiac herbs, which all have a proven track record of enhancing your sexual life, spanning hundreds and thousands of years, and now combined in one easy to take capsule, and boosted with the addition of Bioperine, a substance that can increase absorption rates many times over.

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What constitutes a large or small penis?

Is penis size really all that important? More precisely, is it important today? In ancient times, men did not worry about penis size because it was not an issue at all. Just look at the statues of Greek and Roman gods. A large penis could be a disadvantage in hand to hand combat and people back then viewed large penises as comical and unsightly.

Today however, our society has become “phallocentric,” and every guy wants to have a large penis (at least in secret). Some men are so concerned about others looking down on their penis size that they make requests to the companies which manufacture penile enhancers to put down a different name on their credit card statements.

Most men have a very vague idea about the true size of their penises and consider themselves as below average, when in fact; they are of average size, or above average. Most sex experts say that women do not rate penis size as important, but just try convincing any man about that. Generally, men who believe they have large penises are more self confident than men who think otherwise. Penis size is a really big issue these days.

For most men out there, the average erect penis size is roughly 5-6 inches long. That’s not very long if you ask me. According to the International Journal of Impotence, the average penis length is 5.35 inches or 13.6 cm. A 1991 Lifestyle Condoms survey put it as 5.9 inches, or 14.9 centimeters. Then, you have an old survey done by Alfred C Kinsey way back in 1948 that concluded the average penis size was 6.21 inches.

Such variance exists because of differences in genetics, diet and exposure to pollution. Especially these days, the foods we eat are contaminated with many types of chemicals and pesticides, which could have negative effects on our growth, height, DNA, and genital size. These variations could also be due to inconsistent measurement of the penis.

Based on these findings, a large penis size would be something in the region of 8 inches and more. The biggest penis size so far documented is 13.5 inches. Large penis size does not appear to have any relation to reproductive ability, but in the porn industry, a large penis is an essential prerequisite for any male actor. And of course, with all the hype about a large penis, having one that is of reasonable size at least, helps in quite a number of situations.

One thing to remember, is that the size of a penis in a flaccid state, has no relation to its size when erect. Some irresponsible products make claims that their product can enlarge the penis even in a flaccid state. This is scientifically untrue. Real penis size is always taken to mean the size during a full fledged erection.

If you’re looking to get a larger erection, make sure the solution you choose is both safe and healthy at the same time. This means herbal based penis enlargement pills like the popular VigRX Plus, are the best way to go.

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